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Note: Grass roles are supplied in 4m wide rolls up to 25 meters in length.  Please specify length only you require

For example:  Your order will be 4m in width x your selected quantity of length.

Please call if you have any questions regarding this order

Specify length in meters required below


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Please add an extra two decimals to each length e.g. 4m x 6.7m should be sold as 4m x 6.9m

4m x
m by 4m wide
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Makena Artificial Grass, a 36mm fabulous feeling artificial grass for landscaping purposes. Manufactured from 100% European materials and fully produced in the Netherlands.

This particular grass is designed to feel soft but still has great density, strength and ability to recover from compression.

The Makena also offers a nice variation in green colour to the other grasses in our range.

Warranty for 10 years

Pile Height – 36mm

Artificial grass rolls available in 4m width x required length


Let us help you in figuring out how much artificial grass you may require. Refering to the two examples below, you need to measure the area you are covering with grass in square meters. Measure the maximum width and length required for the area to be covered. If you have unusual shapes, then measure to the largest width and length that will fit your required shape into a rectangle. When measuring your area, always allow 10% extra onto your measurements for cutting and shaping. If you have two separate areas, treat them individually and add the over all length together for ordering.

Artificial Grass Cork Synthetic Grass come in 4m wide rolls with a maximum length of up to 25m per role, so please take this into consideration when making out your measurements.

For example

A 7m wide garden x 10m long, would require a quantity of two 4m x 10m long pieces of grass, placed side by side. Hence the overall length to order is 20m in length, since the width is 4m as standard.

If you still have difficulty in mesuring your area, please feel free to send us an email at our contact us through our contact us page, and we will be more than happy to help you.



Additional information

Weight1 kg

Tufted artificial grass


100% PE monofilament with PP rootzone

Pile Quality

100% European product, free of heavy metals & toxins

Pile Height

Approx 36mm (+/-10%)

Total Height

Approx 38mm (+/-10%)

Tuft Gauge

3/8' Gauge

Primary Backing

100% PP, UV Stabalized with PP fleece layer approx, 160gr/m2 (+/-10%)

Secondary Backing

SBR Latex , approx 760gr/m2 (+/-10%)

Water Permeability

> 60 liters per m2 per minute

UV Stability

According EN 14836 / 8 Years for Northern Europe


10 Years