Off-Cuts - up to 50% off!

Off-Cuts: Up to 50% off!

In this section, you will find a variety of individual pieces from across our range of high-quality artificial grass. You will find pieces ranging from our most affordable grasses right up to our most high-quality offerings. These are pieces that are in perfect condition and are available at a 50% discount owing to their unique shapes and sizes.

There are numerous inventive uses for artificial grass including:
• Dog runs
• Doormats
• Playhouse Floors
• Art projects

N.B. Each piece of grass should be viewed as an individual in terms of colour. E.g. if you are hoping to purchase two pieces of the same type of grass to join and cover one area, please be aware that they will be from different batches and will not match exactly in colour.

As these are all individual pieces once one is sold then it will be gone!

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